Safari Gourmet Food

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Safari Sauce
  Safari Sauce, an authentic South African style relish chutney, is inspired from the rich flavors and cultural diversity.  The name chutney was adopted from a Hindi word in India, chatni, meaning made from fresh fruit and spices. In South Africa, this chutney style sauce is mainly used as a marinade and a sauce to accompany meat, curries, cheeses and sandwiches.

It has evolved to incorporate the rich flavors of the African continent, and the life and culture of Africa where diversity is the way of life. 

Safari Sauce can be a relish for an entree, or served as an accompaniment to an appetizer, or as a fully flavored sauce.


Since 11 million Americans have some kind of food allergy relating to wheat or nuts, Safari Sauce is an all natural product made from apricots, peaches, onions and spices that is fat free, gluten free and nut free. The concise ingredient list has huge appeal to this group of people.

Safari Sauce is available in two flavors:
ORIGINAL: deliciously sweet but tangy
HOT: with the undertones of the 'Original', with an added 'kick'

Since Safari Sauce is naturally acidic, the shelf life is 24 months.


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