Safari Gourmet Food

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From a heritage of fine international food, Safari Gourmet Food started as a small catering company specializing in weddings, parties, and general entertaining.    A diverse range of menus was the result, with a common theme of high quality food with unique taste. 

Safari Gourmet Food's philosophy is to bring good South African food to the American Table. 

                              My name is Shona, and I was born in Zambia on the continent of Africa. As a child my family moved to Durban, South Africa where I grew up, and went to University in Cape Town.  After finishing my education I moved briefly to Brisbane, Australia and enjoyed the beauty of that country as well. I’ve since relocated to Denver, Colorado, where I currently reside with my family. Whilst I love living in the States, and love everything that the Rocky Mountains have to offer, I craved the delicious flavors of Africa, and missed the food of my youth that I remembered.  I began the process of recreating my memories and perfecting my recipes, to bring back those African flavors.  Cooking has always been a hobby of mine, and I am known as the ‘lady with the funny accent who is an excellent cook’.  I’ve been encouraged by my family and friends to share those flavors with the rest of my adopted country.  I hope you enjoy the flavors of my childhood.


All our products are gluten free and natural. They do not contain artificial preservatives, colorants or MSG. 

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